About Us


WA:IT is a symbiosis of two cultures- Japanese and Italian. A mindful clean beauty culture. 

Sustainable, cruelty free, vegan, clean, luxury botanical beauty products, ingredients rooted in the traditional Japanese medicine. In its essence, WA:IT embodies a fusion of two powerful elements - the Japanese notion of 'wa,' signifying peace and harmony, and the invigorating sensory allure of 'it,' representing the captivating allure of Italian aesthetics. .

Within this captivating concept, the beauty of life thrives in duality, a captivating paradox where stillness and motion harmoniously coexist.


Our Founder

Raffaella Grisa

WA:IT is created by Raffaella Grisa, an advocate of mindful clean beauty culture. The organic beauty care brand WA:IT is her manifestation, a personal project that reflects her life philosophy and meanings found along traveling the world and encountering various cultures. Grisa created WA:IT to express herself and start a new life with the very first action – breath.

For many years Grisa has travelled constantly from Italy to the Far East and from the country of the Rising Sun she has embraced uses, traditions and an holistic view of life.